Frequenly asked questions:


Q:Do i have to pay any addtional fees?

A: You will have to pay for your own ammo, which will run you between 12-15 dollors .


Q: Where are you located at:

A: Our class room portions will be done at southfield community church. And the range portion will be at various locations. Please visit our class dates page to find out the location of the church and class dates that are available


Q: How do i register for a class?

A:Please go to the class dates page and see which classes are available. Then go to the Register page link on your left and put in all of your infoprmation that it ask for and the date you selected. You will be sent a confirmation email within a couple of days. Also, days before the class you will receive a phone call or email reminding you of your upcoming class.


Q: I bought a groupon online, how do i redeem it?

A: Just bring the groupon to class with you. To register for class, just go into the Class dates page and see which dates are available. From there, go to the registration page and put in the required information and mention your groupon in the last box.


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